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GangStarPro-848u High Speed 8 Socket Gang Programmer*


Windows 10 64 bit Support

Turbo Gang  of 8 , high speed production programmer Supports most memory devices and a limited number of micros with internal flash memory 


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The Ultimate Universal Programmer

144 Pin , over 90,000 devices supported Top of the Line Device Support

Universal 144 Pin Programmer, with Stand Alone Capability. over 90,000 devices supported, highest algo count in the industrySupports Vintage device to the latest Nand / Nor Flash devices 

Special Offer $1495.00 List $1695.00



Large Size UV Eraser .Made IN USA 

price $495.00 


(Replacing Gangpro-8xp)
PC/Stand Alone
4-Gang Programmer

From $395.00

Vintage Device Support!

Needhams Low Cost Programmers

eVP-798 Low Cost Universal Programmer $695.00

eVP-598 Low Cost Universal Programmer

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Refurbised Products
Chipmaster 6000xp  $395.00
Chipmaster 6000xpu $595.00
Chipmaster 6000u $895.00

World Premier PLD Design Software.
CUPL * Abel * Palasm
 Use Boolean Equations or  State Machine to Create PLD design for popular Devices Such as PAL 22V10
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*CUPL, Abel, PALASM are trademarks of their Prospective owners

Preowned Programmers
Chipmaster 6000 ( Win98 ) $150.00
GangstarPro ( Win 98) $199.00
Chipmaster 6000xp( Win XP) $250.00
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