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    Needhams Electronics,  Subsidiary of Logical Devices

Trade-In Program

 Logical provides trade in program for all of its older programmers. When you purchase a new programmer , you will get to keep your older programmer for at least 7 days until you are completely satisfied with your new programmer before sending it back.

You discount is immediately applied to your purchase when your new unit is shipped.

The amount of trade value depends on the age of your programmer and if it still operates under current OS .

Trade value is applied to all Logical and Needham products.

We offer upgrade discounts as well if you wish to keep your old programmer as back up.


For more information, simple email us at and tell us more about your programmer model

Trade Your:

  • Chipmaster 6000 for 6000u
  • EMP-20/21 for EMP21u
  • Gangpro-8/8xp for GangstarPro-848u
  • XPRO-3000/5000 for XPRO-6100