Bullet Proof 48 Pin Universal Programmer

General Features

Technical Specifications

           PC system requirements

Technical Features:

Powerful Pin Drivers  The Chipmaster 6000XP features universal pin driver, each pin can supply four different voltage, ground, it also can be configurable as TTL high/low levels with pull-high/pull-low, high-speed clock and high impedan ce. This advanced pin design lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing an adapter

Device insertion and contact checks–No mistakes!
The Chipmaster 6000XP performs device insertion and contact checks before it programs each device. It can detect poor pin contact and devices inserted upside down or in the wrong position. This function protects your pocketbook by preventing expensive chip damage due to operator error.  

 Serialization function
If your memory devices need individual serial numbers with different increment sequence and initial value, the Chipmaster 6000XP has an Auto Increment function. This simply increments the serial numbers in the buffer each time a new device is inserted. This saves time and money.

Auto-sensing and self-programming
the Chipmaster 6000XP’s auto-sensing feature ensures the device has been inserted correctly and then automatically programs the device. Furthermore, in the mass-production mode the system keyboard is automatically disabled preventing the operator from making any inadvertent mistakes.

Ordering Information

Deluxe Package;  Order Code: PROC6X-DX3$1795.00

Standard Package: Order Code: PROC6X-S01 $1495.00

Basic Package; Order Code: PROC6X-B01 $1295.00

Call for Upgrade or Trade Prices on Older units

Replaces the following programmers: Needham’s EMP-30, Logical’s Allpro-44, Allpro-LC, Allpro-88, Xeltek’s Superpro 3000 , Superpro 280, Superpro 580. Logical’s XPRO-3000, Chipmaster 6100, Chipmaster 7200, Chipmaster 7100, Chipmaster 5100, Chipmaster 5200,